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April 1 - April 30, 2021



Collective impact at its best. Explore all participating organizations and their associated teams below.

RANK: 1 NAME: Deloitte TEAMS: Go Green, Deloitte NYC, Deloitte Pacific North West, Deloitte USI, Deloitte SoCal, and 21 more teams TEAMMATES: 684 TOTAL POINTS: 90782  
RANK: 2 NAME: WBA TEAMS: WBA UK Sourcing, WBA Asia Global Sourcing, WBA US Global Sourcing, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Walgreens Development Team TEAMMATES: 277 TOTAL POINTS: 69286  
RANK: 3 NAME: Arch Capital Group TEAMS: AIM, Arch TEAMMATES: 408 TOTAL POINTS: 64842  
RANK: 4 NAME: Office Depot TEAMS: MOC, Planeta Azul, Office Depot YP, WIL - Mother Earth, Office Depot Sustainability, and 2 more teams TEAMMATES: 160 TOTAL POINTS: 46971  
RANK: 5 NAME: WSP USA Inc. TEAMS: WSP & Friends Ecochallengers TEAMMATES: 234 TOTAL POINTS: 45080  
RANK: 6 NAME: Wyld TEAMS: Sales, Team Wyld TEAMMATES: 169 TOTAL POINTS: 44165  
RANK: 7 NAME: John Abbott College TEAMS: JAC Sustainability, Health and Wellness TEAMMATES: 168 TOTAL POINTS: 42864  
RANK: 8 NAME: Comerica Bank TEAMS: Comerica Bank Green Team, Comerica Texas Green Team, Comerica Michigan Green Team, Comerica California Green Team TEAMMATES: 115 TOTAL POINTS: 33087  
RANK: 9 NAME: CompuCom TEAMS: CC Affinity LGBTQ, CompuCom Veterans & Allies, Sustainability Affinity Group, CompuCom Women in Technology ARG TEAMMATES: 111 TOTAL POINTS: 32503  
RANK: 10 NAME: Asheville High School TEAMS: Brodie, Asheville High School Spring 2021! TEAMMATES: 138 TOTAL POINTS: 31622  
RANK: 11 NAME: Baker Demonstration School TEAMS: Baker Demonstration School TEAMMATES: 139 TOTAL POINTS: 22165  
RANK: 12 NAME: Guidewire Software TEAMS: Team Guidewire TEAMMATES: 118 TOTAL POINTS: 21938  
RANK: 13 NAME: California State University Stanislaus TEAMS: Stan State Eco Challenge Earth Month Team TEAMMATES: 87 TOTAL POINTS: 21792  
RANK: 14 NAME: Portland Community College TEAMS: Team ESR!, PCC Panthers, PCC SOC 228 - Environmental Sociology TEAMMATES: 71 TOTAL POINTS: 21093  
RANK: 15 NAME: Lam Research Corporation TEAMS: EPG PM, LIGHT Etch, Silfex - Lam, Green India, Lam Research DPG, and 3 more teams TEAMMATES: 115 TOTAL POINTS: 20267  
RANK: 16 NAME: SUNY Adirondack TEAMS: Eco Warriors, PreservingADK, SUNY Adirondack (individual participants), FAACC Tree Huggers, Lean Green Mean Team, and 1 more team TEAMMATES: 38 TOTAL POINTS: 20080  
RANK: 17 NAME: Starbucks Coffee Company TEAMS: AREA 78 , Starbucks Area 160, Starbucks - Richmond, Starbucks Area 141 Team, Starbucks Partners for Sustainability TEAMMATES: 160 TOTAL POINTS: 17467  
RANK: 18 NAME: Mayo Clinic Laboratories TEAMS: BAP Rochester TEAMMATES: 37 TOTAL POINTS: 17299  
RANK: 19 NAME: North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences TEAMS: ECO-NCMNS TEAMMATES: 48 TOTAL POINTS: 16806  
RANK: 20 NAME: DNV TEAMS: Høvik, DNV UK&I, Earthers, DNV Maine, Greenadians, and 6 more teams TEAMMATES: 93 TOTAL POINTS: 16723  
RANK: 21 NAME: The Hartford TEAMS: Hartford Environmental Action Team (HEAT) TEAMMATES: 70 TOTAL POINTS: 16538  
RANK: 22 NAME: TEAMS: Community Team TEAMMATES: 216 TOTAL POINTS: 15900  
RANK: 23 NAME: HP Inc. TEAMS: hp csh, HP Indonesia, R3think HP Bulgaria TEAMMATES: 45 TOTAL POINTS: 15680  
RANK: 24 NAME: High Meadow School TEAMS: High Meadow Hudson Valley TEAMMATES: 70 TOTAL POINTS: 15641  
RANK: 25 NAME: CLEAResult Consulting Inc TEAMS: CLEAResult Consulting Inc. TEAMMATES: 58 TOTAL POINTS: 15491  
RANK: 26 NAME: DLR Group TEAMS: DLR Group - Chicago, DLR Group- Minneapolis TEAMMATES: 33 TOTAL POINTS: 14793  
RANK: 27 NAME: California State University Monterey Bay TEAMS: CSUMB BUS OTTER, CSUMB Eco Otters TEAMMATES: 129 TOTAL POINTS: 12993  
RANK: 28 NAME: Atlassian TEAMS: MPT, Atlassian Sustainability Team, CSS APAC, Remarkable, NY Atlassians, and 15 more teams TEAMMATES: 121 TOTAL POINTS: 12324  
RANK: 29 NAME: ecoCaledon TEAMS: ecoCaledon  TEAMMATES: 38 TOTAL POINTS: 11829  
RANK: 31 NAME: Twilio TEAMS: Twilio SG,, Team Twilio, ATL Twilions, Segment GTM Ops, and 7 more teams TEAMMATES: 248 TOTAL POINTS: 11165